About Us

Based upon the pure revelation of the Scriptures, Christians began meeting as the church in Vancouver in 1965, in the homes of local believers. In 1973, a group of believers migrated from Toronto to strengthen the church here. From 1973 through 1975, a good number of seeking Christians were so attracted by this rich fellowship that they decided to move from different regions of British Columbia to meet together with the church in Vancouver. At that time, the church outgrew the existing rented facilities and purchased a meeting hall at 2255 Quebec Street.

During the 1980s, members of the church in Vancouver migrated to Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg for the Lord's testimony in those cities. Christians also began meeting as the churches in Burnaby and Surrey when some members moved there from the church in Vancouver. In 1989, the meeting hall in Vancouver was enlarged. Since then, the church has grown steadily in number from 120 to 600 believers.

In 1998, the church bought a second meeting hall while retaining the existing hall. Also in the same year, church members who lived in the neighboring city of Richmond were formally established as the church in Richmond.

The church in Vancouver continues steadfastly in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles as did the early New Testament church (Acts 2:42), enjoying the rich blessing on the ground of oneness and the New Testament ministry that gave it birth. The church welcomes those from every race and nation and holds meetings in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, and Korean.