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Getting into the Life-study of the Bible

I have the assurance to say that whoever has read through five hundred Life-study messages properly has been an excellent believer. You elders who are shepherding the local churches know the real situation of most of the saints. If a saint in your locality is not that “proper,” and he would begin from tomorrow morning to read the Life-study messages until he reaches five hundred, he will become another person. Medicine, nourishment, and all kinds of vitamins are included in these messages...If you would begin to study the Life-studies every day starting tomorrow morning, you will become a different person even after fifty days. (CWWL, 1984, vol. 2, “Elders’ Training, Book 3: The Way to Carry Out the Vision,” pp. 323-324)

We thank the Lord that in His recovery we have been richly blessed with the spiritual inheritance of the Life-study of the Bible, which opens the Bible and brings us into the Bible. Nevertheless, there surely is a great need for the riches of the truth contained in these messages to be constituted into the saints for the building up of the church as the Lord’s testimony.

With this in view, starting in 2023 we would like to encourage all the saints to get into the habit of reading two Life-study messages per week based on the suggested reading schedule below.

The saints do not need to pray-read the Life-study Messages, but they have to pray-read the biblical verses in order to get the help to enter into the truth conveyed in these few verses. They also need the help of the notes and the Life-study Messages to enter into the truth. The saints need to take this way every day to get into the truth. After one year of studying the Bible in this way, there will be a solid change in the saints' home life, private life, and church life. A few verses seems very slow but we must realize that breathing is a slow thing. We only breath a little at a time, but this continual practice accumulates and keeps us living. We may think this is too slow, but even if it took us ten years to finish the entire New Testament that would be wonderful. To pick up the truth contained in half of the New Testament after five years would be marvelous. We do not encourage the saints to be greedy and attempt to finish one book in one day. Then "their stomach will burst." We should not encourage them in this way. Rather, we should slow them down. It is not a matter of quantity but a matter of endurance. You must endure this kind of Bible study. I think we need to remind them week after week, and sometimes the elders need to give the saints some direction, some encouragement, and some incentive. (CWWL, 1984, vol. 2, “Elders’ Training, Book 3: The Way to Carry Out the Vision,” pp. 325)

Reading Schedule

Week Dates Messages
1Dec. 31 to Jan. 6Life-study of John, msgs.29-30
2Jan. 7-13Life-study of John, msgs.31-32
3Jan. 14-20Life-study of John, msgs.33-34
4Jan. 21-27Life-study of John, msgs.35-36
5Jan. 28 to Feb. 3Life-study of John, msgs.37-38
6Feb. 4-10Life-study of John, msgs.39-40
7Feb. 11-17Life-study of John, msgs.41-42
8Feb. 18-24Life-study of John, msgs.43-44
9Feb. 25 to Mar. 2Life-study of John, msgs.45-46
10Mar. 3-9Life-study of John, msgs.47-48
11Mar. 10-16Life-study of John, msgs.49-50
12Mar. 17-23Life-study of John, msgs.51—Life-study of Romans, msg. 1
13Mar. 24-30Life-study of Romans, msgs.2-3
14Mar. 31 to Apr. 6Life-study of Romans, msgs.4-5
15Apr. 7-13Life-study of Romans, msgs.6-7
16Apr. 14-20Life-study of Romans, msgs.8-9
17Apr. 21-27Life-study of Romans, msgs.10-11
18Apr. 28 to May 4Life-study of Romans, msgs.12-13
19May 5-11Life-study of Romans, msgs.14-15
20May 12-18Life-study of Romans, msgs.16-17
21May 19-25Life-study of Romans, msgs.18-19
22May 26 to Jun. 1Life-study of Romans, msgs.20-21
23Jun. 2-8Life-study of Romans, msgs.22-23
24Jun. 9-15Life-study of Romans, msgs.24-25
25Jun. 16-22Life-study of Romans, msgs.26-27
26Jun. 23-29Life-study of Romans, msgs.28-29
27Jun. 30 to Jul. 6Life-study of Romans, msgs.30-31
28Jul. 7-13Life-study of Romans, msgs.32-33
29Jul. 14-20Life-study of Romans, msgs.34-35
30Jul. 21-27Life-study of Romans, msgs.36-37
31Jul. 28 to Aug. 3Life-study of Romans, msgs.38-39
32Aug. 4-10Life-study of Romans, msgs.40-41
33Aug. 11-17Life-study of Romans, msgs.42-43
34Aug. 18-24Life-study of Romans, msgs.44-45
35Aug. 25-31Life-study of Romans, msgs.46-47
36Sep. 1-7Life-study of Romans, msgs.48-49
37Sep. 8-14Life-study of Romans, msgs.50-51
38Sep. 15-21Life-study of Romans, msgs.52-53
39Sep. 22-28Life-study of Romans, msgs.54-55
40Sep. 29 to Oct. 5Life-study of Romans, msgs.56-57
41Oct. 6-12Life-study of Romans, msgs.58-59
42Oct. 13-19Life-study of Romans, msgs.60-61
43Oct. 20-26Life-study of Romans, msgs.62-63
44Oct. 27 to Nov. 2Life-study of Romans, msgs.64-65
45Nov. 3-9Life-study of Romans, msgs.66-67
46Nov. 10-16Life-study of Romans, msgs.68-69
47Nov. 17-23Life-study of Galatians, msgs.1-2
48Nov. 24-30Life-study of Galatians, msgs.3-4
49Dec. 1-7Life-study of Galatians, msgs.5-6
50Dec. 8-14Life-study of Galatians, msgs.7-8
51Dec. 15-21Life-study of Galatians, msgs.9-10
52Dec. 22-28Life-study of Galatians, msgs.11-12
53Dec. 29 to Jan. 4Life-study of Galatians, msgs.13-14

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