The Lord Is My Shepherd

Growing up in a Christian family, I gained some knowledge of the Bible but did not know the Lord in a real way. I had received the Lord at the age of thirteen and had met some with the local church, but I did not have much interest in the things of the Lord.

It was not until after college when I started to look for a job that I started to seek the Lord so I could receive His blessings. Coming back to the meetings of the local church, I received a lot of help from the older Christians on how to know God's will. They helped me to realize that the Lord really loves me and wants to gain me for His purpose.

Like a shepherd, the Lord never forsook me, even though I tried to run away from Him many times. When I felt hopeless and I turned back to Him as my only hope, He was there ready and waiting to receive me back and to bring me to His flock. In the flock, I experienced His feeding me with the green pasture and His leading me to rest by the river and to drink Him as the water of life to quench all my thirst. Hallelujah! I am at home and at rest in the church.

All Of Christ Is All To Me

The Word of God is really awesome in how it reveals the hidden mystery of God-Christ. The Word of God is deep and profound so we need revelation to see what is on God's heart.

Through the ministries of Brother Watchman Nee and Brother Witness Lee, the Bible to me is much more clear. From their writings, I have come to see that the Scriptures testify of Christ Himself. From Genesis to Revelation, I have seen that Christ is the tree of life, the manna, the feast, the lamb, and much, much more. Our Christ is really such a rich Christ. One of my favorite types of Christ as shown in the Old Testament is Christ as the good land. The land shows His all-inclusiveness. He as this good land flowing with milk and honey is everything I need. All I need to do is live and walk in this good land. In the New Testament as the fulfillment of the type, I see that Christ is for me to receive, to walk in, and to be rooted and in grounded in.

These brothers' ministries not only reveal Christ and lead me to know Christ but much more, to show me how Christ can be experienced. Christ not only lives in me, but He is everything to me. He is my breath, my sunshine and my all in all.