The Rich Supply of Watchman Nee's and Witness Lee's Ministry and My Enjoyment in the Local Church

I was saved in a denomination and was baptized in the local church. I went to the church meeting every Lord's Day. I enjoyed the meeting very much, because everyone could pray and share their experiences. I could release my spirit and participate in the meeting. In the meeting I was refreshed and enlightened. I sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit and the speaking of God.

Aside from going to the meeting, I also read some of Watchman Nee's books and the Life-studies written by Witness Lee. Each time I read, I was so touched as if God was speaking to me. Through the supply of these ministries, the Bible was opened up to me. God's eternal economy (1 Timothy 1:4, gk), God's full salvation, the meaning of human life, the New Jerusalem, were made known (Revelation 21:2) to me. I began to appreciate the Bible, to love the Bible and treasure the Bible. I realized that the Bible is the Word of God, and also the portrait, definition, expression and testimony of God.

Witness Lee's Life-studies expound the Scriptures. It makes the Scripture easy to understand. It also gives me light and life. By reading it, my spiritual life grows. I am also helped by the Recovery Version of the Bible. Through all the footnotes, the Scriptures are fully opened to me. The Word of God is no more a mystery, but is unveiled and easy for me to enjoy; I am nourished and supplied. Praise the Lord!